In a previous article, we said that English students are different and they don't have the same level and don't have the same reason they learn English. It's true, but there are some countries where English is spoken as a second language but almost everybody speak English very well!

For example, in Holland and Germany people speak English very well, they speak English fluently, easily and with a clear pronunciation!

While in other countries like France and Italy people doesn't speak English well, even their pronunciation is so bad!

This is due to many reasons, we will talk about some of them:
*In some countries, they study English earlier than others. For example, in Holland they begin to study English at the age of ten!

*They are willing to learn English and they should (because of business and many reasons)

*Their language is related to English, for example Dutch and German are not so far from English!

*In Universities, they use English instead of their own language which gives them a huge motivation to learn English!

Well, even if you are from France you can learn to speak English fluently because nothing is impossible!

Even if your accent is so bad, you can speak English with a clear pronunciation and a good accent.

I advice you to build you psychology before you start to learn English because it's one of the most important steps but unfortunately many English students skip it!

Our next ebook "How to speak English fluently in short time" will help you to speak English even if you're so bad, so don't be upset and never stop learning English because it's very important!

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  1. oh my tutor, you are always gives us enthusiasm for your new e-book =)

    I don't know how I thank you, Really I like all your article, plz keep it up..

    About this article I think that, may be Holland and Germany have a related language to english, I think it's the big reason to mastering english, yes I with you in the point of learning in an early age, but still thair mother language help them...

    Thanks for your interesting article..

  2. In my country (malaysia) english is a second language. however our pronunciation is quite good and we are using britain english... unfortunately my english is bad. this blog really helpful..thanks to admin..

  3. i'm a srilankan,an asian.we study english at a age of 5 or 6.we can write,read,pronoun very well than the other asian country people.But the saddest thing is we can't speak english fluently.
    And i(we) need your help to speak english fluently.......please help us

  4. i am from indonesia, more half of indonesian people can speak english. before i am is one of them, and now i am is half of indonesian people that can speak english fluently.
    very fluently...

    and i hope for next time, my english is going to be the best.