When learning English, many students join English schools. The first days, most of them have struggle because of many things. This generally leads them to failing and many negative results.

If you want to learn English, it's a given that you should control your mentality, it's a given that you should have a wonderful emotion, it's also a given to have a good psychology.

Research showed lately that psychology has a big influence on learning any language, people who have a good psychology always succeed!

In the other hand, English students who have a bad mentality always fail!

This is enough to prove that psychology and emotion have direct influence towards English learning.

At the first time, English students think that they will never learn to speak English fluently. They speak with broken English so they think that they are not good, most of them even quit !!!

In fact, no one can speak English fluently since the first day, that's impossible!!
At the first time, you find a lot of difficulties. After months, you will improve a little bit, then you will speak with broken English and you can't find the right word...

After a period, guess what? you will speak English fluently!!!

So, you need to be patient and to be at a peak emotional state.

Now, it's up to you: tell us about your experience with English.

How did you feel the first days learning English?
How do you feel right now?
How about your pronunciation?

Share these ideas in the comments.

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  1. Of course, I felt nervous when the first time I wanted to speak English. I thought many things about my English. I didn't have a lot of vocabularies, my grammar was so bad, etc. But, I feel better now. I can not judge myself about my English ability. Yet, I feel better with my pronunciation

  2. Good job bro ^^
    actually I didn't learn English in a school or Un. .. I've been learning English on the NET for a year .
    I loved English when I was 7 .. I was hoping to speak it fluently so I was really excited to mastered it .. I'm good for now because I've tested my English level last month and it was the 4th level .. that what made me excited to learn more .. And about my pronunciation , it's good as the teacher said ..
    wish you the best always ^^
    Keep it up

  3. I must confess jealous both of you,

    my grammer skill not so good n also pronounciation too..A few years laters I had stuggle to mastering english..therefore i join every group-millis-take course, etc etc.

    I promise myself someday i will be succed

  4. when I was in Senior High School, I don't really like English because I don't know many vocabularies, the English pattern, etc. English was just a subject that I had to be followed to pass the exam. But day after day, I realize that English is important, especially when I continue my study in the university. I believe every people can master a language if they want to master it. YOU CAN IF YOU THINK YOU CAN

    Just keep practice all the time, all the way

  5. hello everybody.I had felt strange, but after few weeks a little abit ,now i have some problems in pronunciation.

  6. i am new leaner, i think l can also speek english very soon

  7. It's really amazing to see a lot of people who's sharing the same passion .. i hope a good luck for everyone . Practissing english isn't an easy matter that require a lot of motivation and practise as well ..Just keep going you're walking in the right path

  8. Really happy after discovered your website. Really need your help to improve my English.

  9. I love english since I have it in school. I always were some of the pupils who are the standart (?). But when I started reading english books, watching english television and really listening to the lyrics of english music for 5 months I really improved my language. My teacher complimented me on this :) I also try to think a lot in english and to keep me busy with the english language so that I almost answered my mom in english when she asked me something (I'm german and 16 years old). So I think it's very important to be motivated as often as possible and allways work hard on oneself and then everything will work :)

  10. hello, im lito 22yrs old.. and i hava a big problem with my english.. you this blog can help me practice my english skills?
    by the way im trying to answer the question above, so here's my answer. hope you guys help me with this.. ^^

    How did i feel the first days learning English?
    - i feel strange, stupid, crazy but its fun. because, when im trying to apply my english in my school, most of my classmates looked at me and then laugh. and when im trying to ask why, there all speechless.. HAHA... by the way, i knew why did they laugh at me.. because my english is bad.. hahha..

    how do i feel right now?
    - i feel shy.. because im a shy guy.. seriously!! and feel bad about that...

    How about my pronunciation?
    - i feel comfortable in my english.. even my grammar is bad. give some time and when the day comes, i will visit this blog and make new comment..

    so guys? what do you think about my english?
    any suggestions, comments?

    Thank you and im serous with my english.. hope you guys help me.. ^^

  11. Hi guys,
    Im very interested and passionate in learning English lately since i realize that all humans around the world practice this language. Anywhere we go, there is no way to runway from talking in English.

  12. Hellow i m sufol from Bangladesh and i graduated from university of Chittagong in Computer science & engineering. I note that i feel shy sometime that after passing my graduation in CSE i can't speak in English with my foreign colleague. it makes guilt . . i don't know whether i can speak English or not.. but hope one day i will speak in english elsewhere and everywhere. . please help me to improve my skil in engilsh .thanks to site owner to make a site based on English...

  13. Am also an english learner.And as practice makes a man perfect.so everytime we have to motivate ourself to speak in english.Our complete dedication n positive attitude towords this will make the way easier.So,all the best guys!!