English is getting more and more important nowadays, maybe one day it will be like breath.
Many English students are learning English just for fun, but more than that English is very important and it worth learning!

It's time to show this truth: you're learning English that's the reason you're reading this article, right? So, why are you learning English? (waiting for your comments below)

If you have already traveled somewhere in the world, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

If you decide one day to go the United States or to England, it's obvious that you should speak English, I mean you should at least know basic English vocabulary and speak with a clear pronunciation.

But if you travel to another country where English is not the main language, Turkey for example, what should you do?

Of course you should know how to speak Turkish.

And if the year after you go to China, what should you do?
Of course you should know how to speak Chinese.

This is totally wrong! I've never heard about someone who learned so much languages.

That's why you should learn English, just because it's used everywhere!

If you go to Turkey, you can speak English and a big amount of people there will understand you! And also in China and other countries!!

More than that, In some developed and touristic countries, they started to teach English to everybody, why?

For two reasons:
1- English is the most used language in the world.
2- To help tourists: a touristic country is a country where there is everything tourists need. Usually, tourists are looking for someone to guide them, So, developed countries teach English to everybody to make them as guides for tourists!!

I know this article is not about English tips, but it help you to build your emotion. In fact if you know that English is very important, you will do everything in order to learn to speak it, right?

English is very important for tourist, it's also important for many other fields.
Now, it's up to you to tell us, what do you think English is important for?

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  1. my reasons for that are : I love it, one of my goals to be like netive speakers , it's an international laguage..
    And if people will understand me wherever I go that's enough ! ..
    but even, I wanna learn Frech too =$
    Thanks Bnjohn .. Eager to see more