Looking at one of my old posts, I read a comment from Oxy at Better At English (Oxy is one of my best English students, she is the Top commentator right now) I remembered the idea that not English students are equal, they are different.

In fact, we can never find two students with the same psychologies, with the same level of understanding and remembering...They all differ in their learning skills.

For example, when they downloaded the Fastest English ebook they had different looks concerning the ebook; some of them found it easy, one of them read it in one hour... you can check their comments at Download Fastest English Ebook.

When reading comments from my students, I always get new ideas: most of them do some spelling mistakes, others do grammar mistakes...etc

I prefer that they write their comments without checking mistakes or been approved by someone else, I would like to know their original level to determine their weaknesses and their positive points.

Now, talk about yourself: What are your positive points with English? which weaknesses do you face when learning English?

I'm waiting for your comments, I'm sure that Oxy will post her comment.
If you want to be like Oxy, all you have to do is to post your comments and to stay in touch.

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  1. =$
    I'm blushing .. An honor for me, my teacher =)
    Umm, about my positive points, I don't know actually but I think it's "Knowing how to spell the words automatically", and maybe love to make a conversation or short movie with my self =$ to practice what I've learned . . .
    but the weakness points are : Auxiliary verbs, forget words and choosing certain one "I think not all words need memorizing" because some of them are not important enough to learn "personal thought" .. and sometimes being reluctant to talk English with strangers "for example in restaurants" ..

    Thanks Mr.Bnjohn .. Glad to be one of your students .. wish you the best always

  2. Dear Sir,

    I would like to thank u for your attention and donation to people who want to learn how can they speak english.
    I downloaded your book and I read it and now I can say that this book contain of my all problems with the English language.
    In fact the main negative point with me is confidence

    I don't have confidence to make a conversation with anybody by english language :(

    Once again, I thank u for everything

    Kind Regards
    From Egypt

  3. I also find this work very helpful,

    I think Bn John's main rule is:

    You can find English material everywhere and for free, but you can never learn HOW to use this material,

    which means: If you learn how to use the material, then It will be very easy to improve your English

  4. I am now feeling comfort with my English but I don't know how can other people give me a judgment. I am just not sure what they are talking about me. Some of them gave their compliment about my English. All this time, I fully realize that I have one weaknesses that I feel little bit difficult to learn, listening fluency and I want to speak directly with a native speaker

  5. hi teacher, about my weaknesses,am still forget who i learning it,but am improve better than before joined you.

  6. Dear Sir,
    I'm looking for English material like mp3, pod-casts, books and films.
    Thank you very much for your aid!
    I think that your blog is very useful and provide important information to us.

  7. sir i want to speak english like an english person speaks as their mother tongue but i'm afraid i can't cos my mother tongue has influenced me tremendously to speak my native language. that's all. i've no other words to say more than this. i hope u can help me to fulfil my wish.