I know some of you noticed that I didn't write any posts for a long time. You saw the latest post dates from about more than a year ago and the one before it is about another year in the past than two more years!

Many of you thought that the Fastest way to speak English will never come back.

Today I am writing you a post to tell you that the Fastest Way to speak English is not closed!

In fact, what encouraged me to come back and teach you how to speak English fluently is our friends on Facebook at our group Daily English practice they are always asking me to add some tips to help them speak English fluently.

I told you to never give up when you learn to speak English, so I will never give up to help you to learn English too.

In the last week, we've been talking about the most common problem English students usually face. And Nadir.B from "How I Learn English" was talking about how can an English learner understands English without being able to speak it. 

Believe me this is not just possible but very common! When we discuss this problem on Facebook, many English learners confirmed that announcing they faced or they are facing it.

In short (Because this post is short) you need to use the right method to learn English in order to understand English and speak it too!

You will be very stressed, embarrassed and uncomfortable if you understand English without speaking it. It is better to use the right method or to stop learning at all.

Don't precipitate to English Grammar at the beginning because it is not going to help you to speak English fluently. I advise you to focus on listening without trying to speak too much and I am sure speaking will come alone one day. Be patient and never give up! I hope you enjoyed this post as usual and please I am waiting for your comments to tell me what do you feel when you knew that "Fastest Way to Speak English" is back!

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