Most English students start to learn English with only one goal which is "to speak English fluently", then they follow some boring methods (grammar, memorizing word lists) then they end with a different goal from the goal they started with.

Always put in your mind that speaking English fluently is the most important thing in your English learning career, English grammar and all other methods are just useful things and ways which can lead you to the goal.

Studying English grammar makes English students think only about grammar and the structure of the language.

Please tell me: which one is the best: to speak English fluently with correct grammar without knowing grammar Or to know everything about English grammar but don't speak English fluently?

let's talk about memorizing word lists: Which one is the best: to have a limited vocabulary you can use easily OR to have a huge vocabulary you can't use?
(But I want you to have a huge vocabulary you can use)

Always put it in your mind: English grammar and memorizing word lists are not goals, your most important goal is to "speak English fluently".

I think everything is clear now, but I want to ask you a question just to read your comments:
Do you have a:

1-Huge vocabulary you can use.
2-Huge vocabulary you can't use.
3-Few vocabulary you can use.
4-Few vocabulary you can't use.

I'm waiting for your answers in the comments, hope to see you for the next tip.

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  1. hello teacher. am glad when a reading your article,but i missed for huge vocabulary,but your method Few vocabulary you can use.but is the question is this vocabulary it use we can make through it real conversation ?

  2. Hi :)
    In the begining I will thank you for the all articles.
    Then, My answer to your questions is:
    1- speak English fluently with correct grammar without knowing grammar is the best.
    2- I will happy if I have a huge vocabulary I can use it easily.
    3-mmm to be honest, I always learn new vocabulary, may every day that by the surf the net and different reads, but really I did'nt use it all, especially in the speaking , but sometimes I use it in the written conversation with foreigners, I know I should practice, oh this my mistake =(...sorry

  3. my aim is to speak english fluently even without grammer
    Huge vocabulary you can't use that my problem

  4. Thanks for sharing this piece of information. It is really useful.

  5. hi ....my teacher i glad to read your article...and i know that had to helping me how to know to speak english..that is my problem i just fear that i would say something wrong how to speak good grammar.now i want to learn and i have a time for study....please help me.

  6. hi my teacher i only have few vocabs. and i find it very difficult to speak fluently.

  7. Thanks for these important tips , but i think that there are many problems in speaking inglish in good way , the main problem is we sometimes don't know what do we need to speak fluently and the another problem is how to get what we need , after geting what we need the problem will be how to make what we have got as a normal thing in our minds and our hearts then how to pracitse it without some one cares about me and listins to me

  8. hi teacher i want to speak inglish flny but i can't please help me