Many people learn English in order to become an English teacher, this idea is so common in countries where English is spoken as a second language.

A week ago, a blog reader Emailed me and said:

firstly i want to thank you for your helpful book i have read it
the probleme is i've been learning english since 1 year and i didn't noticed any different
i want to be ENGLISH TEACHER and i need to develop my english as quickly as i can

i need help how to learn it the festest way ???

please write me back"

I know it's a difficult situation, English can not be learned in a very short period, you need to be patient and you should never be nervous with English.

The degree needed to become an English Teacher varies based on what and where you would like to teach. I recommend that the author of the Email send us his comments under the post in order to get more details so we can help him.

Just post a comment to tell us what and where would you like to teach, you can also how much time is remaining, we need to know more about your situation.

To get more details about how to become an English teacher you can read this article here

If you have an idea, you're welcome to share it with us!

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