As an English learner, you should know how to think in English in order to improve your fluency.
English speaking has many tips, you should keep it simple and never be afraid of making mistakes.

To think in English is not something you should use, it's a GOAL!

While thinking in English is a goal, so you should know how to proceed in order to learn how to think in English in order to improve your English fluency.

Always, the most important tip for each part of English learning is "listening" (take it deep into your brain and never forget it)

Always when someone asks you: "how can I improve my English?", your answer should begin with: "you should listen to English to improve English"

You should practice thinking in English in order to perform it. (it's a given)
Practicing thinking in English is not only listening in English, it's more than it. You should listen to English and don't translate each word to your language.

When you try to speak English, you shouldn't put your language in the middle, you should speak English directly without thinking in any other language.

If you want to learn to think in English without practicing, you're not going to realize it because it's something more practical than it's theory!!

You should listen to original English, which means you should listen to native English speakers in a real English conversation.

If you do all things described in this article, be sure that you will think in English one day, even if it takes longs time (that depends)

I encourage you to learn English using the right methods, not each method to learn English is successful so be aware!

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  1. I do all the time . .
    because that I love it ,

    I can't get bored with your blog sir

    Thanks alot , Eager o read more

  2. hi my teacher ?
    i am a new user of your blog, its really interesting and amazing one too !!!
    i am an english student from morocco !!! i hope that u know where this country takes a place in the map sir !!!
    so, i'd like again to send you a very special thank u to yo for your helper .similarly , i would like to thank everyone put his/her comment over this wall !!! i hope that you will accept me as one of your new friend ?
    my teacher talks above about the ways we can follow to think in english, so i love to stand at one of the most problem face many students of this universal language , do you know ?
    its TRNASLATION , this is the bore of the problem ,
    my question is : what is the best way or plab that we can use to give up this problem ?
    i hope to hear about this question and also to accept me as a new friend ?
    thank you very much my new teacher !!!

  3. Best methods to improve your english language:

    1 . never learn a word separately, try to learn a word with a whole phrase or sentence, in this way you will not forget. Learn verbs in present, past and past participle

    2. Read blogs, texts, with topics that you are interesting in. - translate words with whole sentences

    3. Whatch movies with english subtitles

    4. Learn Phrasal verbs ( with examples )

    5. Lear slangs ( with examples )

    6. Read a novel, comics or a magazine that you like - translate words with whole sentences.

    7. Listen to native english speaker; tv, news, movies, cartoon, you have a lot of materials on you tube.

    8. Start to think in english - very important

    9. dont be afraid to make mistake

  4. Use Effortless training course for practicing English