Spoken English and written English are totally different. Everyone should learn English he needs and of course this returns to your goals because English students are different.

Most English students do very well with writing and reading skills, but when it's up to English speaking, they are at a total loss!

However, if you want to improve your spoken English, I don't recommend that you don't do some simple English readings because they are really helpful. All you have to do is to choose the best things to read (things that you love, simple reading, real English...)

Listening is always the key to everything, especially when it's about spoken English.

If you want to speak English very well and to improve your spoken English, you should think about these three things:

Real English material, you ears, your mouth (and tongue of course)

First you should find real English material where real English is spoken, this is very important if you would like to speak English like an American, like a native speaker!

Then, you should use your ears which means that you should listen to English a lot! listen to English everywhere, at any moment! (I recommend using an IPOD or something else)

Finally, use your mouth (what does mean?) try to answer before reading the next words.
Of course it means practicing English, don't tell me that you forgot your English friends!

Another thing is the pronunciation: the most important is a clear pronunciation, then you try to have a good accent (pronunciation and accent are not equal!)

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  1. English Materialc! , hmm so nice . .

    Umm, i think we have to learn them both at the same time , so we can be like a netive speakers ! =)

    Thank you Mr.John , can't get bored here ;D

  2. I would like to contribute that this article is really very helpful infact the material provided on this blog is really meaningful and relevant for who se ever wants to improve his spoken english. impressive compilation, articulately presented, impressive thought process in the layout and well thought of the intricacies.Will definitely be a helpful tool for those seeking help in this direction.

  3. Well, I think it's a good idea.

    I think that a good practice is to watch subtitled movies (why not english subtitles...), so that we can see the speaker's mouth and try to imitate him/her...
    Listening and watching, isn't it great ?
    Plus, it's not boring or anything, because you watch a movie you like !!

    Bye !

  4. hi~ thank you so much for your blog~
    I just read your downloaded profile about learning native English~ it is great~
    Then I've using the method for a while, but i met some difficulties~~
    it is about my western university's study. You might know we need to discuss or analyse the articles like literature right in the class~ The locals do really good jobs!! I think it's because they have more academic or high level vocabulary. But turns to me, I usually cannot say anything and sometimes i even misunderstood the questions.
    What I can do? what is the best and fastest way to deal it???

  5. for the easy listening material~ i do recommend the "let's speaking in English". There are 3 levels for lower, medium and advance. Lower level is very good because it's easy and low speed. Completely catch the requirement of learning native speaking.

  6. it is a hard thing to speak like a native speaker, maybe it impossible, i have tried hard to learn the accent but there still a lot of work to do

  7. I'll try to continue your process. Thank you.

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  9. Very Great Tips For Improving The English.i like the artical it is useful to all very good artical thank's

  10. Superb tips shared to improve spoken English skills.

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