Many English students think about speaking English fluently, their only goal is to speak English fluently.

But today, I'm not going to give you tips to speak English fluently, I'm going to take an information from you:

it's true that English students are different, so why are you here on my blog?

Are you here because you want to speak English fluently?

Are you here because you already speak English fluently and you're looking for more tips to "improve" you English level?

Are you here because you're looking for some English material (MP3, books,...)?

Are you here for another reason that you will talk about in the comments?

So, tell me, I need to know more about my English students.

I hope that you found the topic great, you can read the 7 tips to speak English fluently if you're looking for more tips.

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  1. hello teacher, am here because i need improve my english level,i like speak inglesh native

  2. Well.. about me, I'm here to speak english fluently,my level is 3 "pre-intermediate". I hope improve my language especially speaking skills, could you help me by your tips? Really I want to make plan to learn after holy month when allah willing, I have benefited from your tips and I so excited to new e-book =)

    Best wishes

  3. Ummm, Well
    I'm here because "English" is here , If I read your great articles I don't just get useful tips about Speaking English ! but rather I get more new vocabularies and phrases, and I found something to read in English and get benefit too,
    also you make us more confident and comfortable about learning English, and that's what I need . .
    that's why I'm here =)

    Best Regards

  4. thank you so much .. u changed my concept of learning languages .. I like ur good coaching:)

  5. I am here because of you teacher..
    I want to learn more and more..

  6. thank you for every thing .
    i am here for want to speak English fluently
    and to improve my eNGLISH level .

  7. t-hank you a lot for w-hat you did specially your e-book
    i'm -here because i wanna speak englis-h like a native speaker

  8. well, I'm here because I really want to improve my English vocabulary skills. I'm planning to go to college and need to improve my vocabulary. I never speak in my native language and I only speak with native speaker, so that's pretty good and it helps me a lot. Other reasons why I'm here is because I want to enjoy more reading books and the latest news.

  9. Hi,

    I'm writing as i am totally frustate in my life just because of this F***** english.i tried every way to learn englsih (Reading , Listning) all the stuffs/tips that i discovered from all other english learning sites but every times i come with empty hand.

    My growth is hampering,just because of English.I dont know why it is happening with me.

    What i know myself that i always be in hurry to do anything and wants things to be happen in a while. May be this is the cause of all this bad things happening with me.

  10. Thanks a lot for the support in improving my skills in English. I look forward to read the further posts from you.

  11. because I want to speak english well.. and of course with your helping

  12. I'm here because i suck at speaking in English and um also here to learn, how can i speak in English fluently?i need some tips.."the i suck in english guy"

  13. I love to speak english. I am not speaking fluently english.

  14. I would to speak english like who native speak english

  15. hijust now enter in ur website. i cant speak english fluntely pls help me teacher.