After announcing that Fastest Way to Speak English is back, I decided to completely start with fresh ideas.
The first thing I did is to change the Blog design. I always like to start with completely new things.

This reminds me the old days whenever I try to learn a new thing, I change the room design and get everything well arranged just before starting.

I believe this approach has a direct impact on the improvements you'll do. 

Why I am telling you that is to think about yourself especially you are  an English learner and you always want to improve your English skills. I advice you to think whenever you want to plan to learn English, try to rearrange your room or your office and get to serious work.

Changing the blog design is not the only thing I will do, I am also planning a lot of new ideas to come up with in order to please you English learners!

Later this year, Nadir.B who is an English learner started his blog How I learn English where he shares his ideas on how he learned English. Nadir is a fluent English speaker from Algeria. He has been learning English at schools for several years without success.
After that, Nadir tried the best method to learn English and he was very patient! Now He speaks English like a native speaker. We can say Nadir is a near native English speaker!

learn to speak English

I want you all English learners with me to succeed like him and to be fluent in English just like him or even better!

I believe everything changed those last years. Back to business, I feel like I am in another world! Now you can improve your English faster with all the new stuff all around the web! Social media has become very popular and everything is easy to find now!

If you can't improve your English and become a fluent speaker, I think it is all your fault! You don't have to blame anyone except yourself!

Well this is just to remind you that you have a goal "Learn English and become fluent", so please don't lose motivation and always go forward!

Now, tell me what do you think about your last days learning English? Are you using a successful method? Are you studying constantly? Did you clean everything before starting to learn English?

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