Improve your Accent in English in 2 minutes

Speaking English with a good accent is very important, if you do so people will think that you've been in American for many years. Today I'm going to show you a small exercise you can practice in 2 minutes but changes your accent totally!

In fact to improve you spoken English you should focus on two main things: Accent and pronunciation.

The pronunciation is more about how do you say each word or each letter, but the accent is about how to speak the whole phase the way Americans do.

A big mistake I have always noticed is that non native English speakers (even English teachers) don't make the liaisons when speaking, and this is the most important part if you want to speak English fluently!

Today's exercise is to choose a sentence (a real sentence in conversation) you try to repeat it many times without worrying about each word, for example if your sentence is "Sam is twenty years old", you will say "Samz twentyearzold"

Try to repeat it as fast as you can and always stress the most important word (the new information in the sentence) when you get familiar with this (it takes about 2 minutes to achieve) try to use it whenever you speak English.

As I said, you may think this tip is not helpful, but it will make you a different person in just 2 minutes !
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Learning English is Part of Your Life

Learning English has always been a mystery to many English students, they always try to learn English for some months but at the last point, they don't succeed. In this article we are about to reveal a great secret to learn to speak English fluently!

If you should only maintain one rule on English learning in your head, sure it would probably be "Small improvements all the time are BETTER than big improvements but NOT all the time"

If you have understood this rule, I know you will finally learn to speak English fluently of course you should follow some of the other rules in order to be fast and accurate.

At this point comes the idea of making English learning PART of your life, you should make it as a routine, pick up a good schedule for your life and make English learning part from it.

Don't spend a single day without learning English, even if you study 15 minutes a day, but you should do it always. Everyday you should learn at least a new phrase, listen a small conversation in English (Native English speakers). Make it a "Must do"!!

Talk to yourself right now, you should always study English with the best tips to get English fluency, don't miss a single day!!

I hope you enjoyed this cool article, share your thoughts in the comment section, I'm glad to hear your experiences with learning English.

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Things if you do you will never learn English

Many English students emailed me and posted comments asking me to give them more advices on how to speak English fluently, they have been asking me everyday, if I don't say every hour, so I chose to write a helpful article telling them what to do really if you want to speak English easily.
I've been always talking about things you should do to improve your English, but now I'm going to talk about things that you should never do if you want to learn English, I mean real English not textbook English to be clear.

Don't study grammar:
For most English students, this rule has always been so strange, because they always think that English can never be learned without studying English grammar, I'm inviting you to read one of my old posts tittled English Grammar to learn more about how can English grammar kill you skills and abilities.

Never be shy:
This is one of the most important rules if you want to speak English without thinking and with a good accent. But unfortunately, most English students don't care about it and don't focus on it. So I'm advising you to teach yourself to never be shy when you want to speak English. I know you think that your friends will laugh at you when they hear you speak English, but you're completely "WRONG", so be clever and don't be shy.

Never speak English when listening to English:
This is also an important rule, there are two things: listening and speaking, and you should not do the two things simultaneously.
When you listen focus on listening in order to speak English very well.
I think this rule is simple and everybody can apply it, let's go to the next one.

Never leave "Fastest way to speak English"
This is a great rule, I've been giving advises to English learners since years, so you have to visit Fastest Way to Speak English at least once a week in order to take the best advices and learn to speak English like an American.

Never try to remember English vocabulary:
Because vocabulary is going to be deeper into your brain if you followed my advices. You're welcome to read the 7 steps to English vocabulary to get more details and learn how to get more new English words in your memory without trying to memorize.

I hope that you enjoyed my rules, I'm ready to answer to your comments so don't hesitate.

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Speak English better than you do

Speaking English is easier than you think it is. The only thing you should know is that "nothing is impossible", if you want to do it, you can do it and you will speak English like an American.

In fact, if you want to speak English better you should have a huge vocabulary in your head, and you should know how to make a good sentence, than you should know how to speak English with a good accent.

Of course I'm not telling you to take a book and than start to memorize the vocabulary, my method says that "listening" is the most important thing, and don't forget to relax when you listen to English.

I've written a good post telling you how to learn more English vocabulary faster you can check it, it's very important.

How about the accent? Can you have a good pronunciation?
Of course! I've already told you that listening is the key to English speaking, just relax, and have fun, the only thing you should do is choosing the right thing to listen to.
You can read my article "How to improve your English accent now" in order to have more details about the accent and the pronunciation.

I'm waiting for your comments, I like helping you!

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