To speak English fluently, you should know the right method first. The right method is composed by some tips you should practice in order to improve your English speaking.
English speaking is very easy once you know the right method, which means the right method is everything if you want to speak English fluently.

Many English students don't know what does "speak English fluently" mean (and they want to speak English fluently).

To speak English fluently is to speak English without thinking and without translating, you speak English fast and without problems.

It means, you don't wait to find the right word because the words are already coming out automatically from your mouth!

To speak English fluently, thinking in English should be one of your goals.

It doesn't mean that you have a very big vocabulary list in your brain, but it means that you are comfortable with the normal vocabulary list you already know.

Which one is the best: to have a huge vocabulary list you don't use? or to have a normal English vocabulary list that you use easily?

So, the tips you should now about how to speak English fluently are different, for example if you want to learn English vocabulary, you should learn basic English vocabulary first, than you should try some advanced and complicated English vocabulary. I recommend that you read 7 steps to English vocabulary.

And finally, once you're comfortable with English words, you need to think about improving your pronunciation in English in order to speak like a native speaker (it's very important especially in business life and getting a job)

And don't forget to use new technologies to learn faster and save time!

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  1. powerful tips !
    speaking English fluency is the main goal ,

    Thank you Mr.john . .
    I'm on your path

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  3. Thanks for giving this important tips.......