It's true that a huge number of people from non-native English speaking countries wants to learn to speak English, everybody knows this information. But do they all want to learn to speak English?
This question has been asked many times, the answer is that everyone has his own reason for learning English, some of them learn English for business, some others learn English for pleasure and for casual conversations with people from the whole world...

Now, it's up to you: Tell us why are you learning English?

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  1. Well,
    First of all reasons, "I Love It" a short sentence means a lot,
    As everybody knows this time is "English Age" and everything is written in English even the researches and books,
    And don't forget about traveling , and meeting tourists ,
    so we have to learn it to understand everything and to communicate with other easily . . .

    Eager to read more =$ , Thanks a lot

  2. well i am a muslim so i want to learn english to be able to make people know islam
    and i want to learn it because in the collage all the students speak english
    so u know thats why