English is the most used language in the world right now, but the question is: Is English spoken in the whole world? or are there some places where English is not spoken?

Well, it's true that there are a lot of countries where English is spoken, some countries where English is a major language like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. In some other countries, English is spoken as a global language and there are some countries where English is spoken as a second language.

However English is spoken in many countries as a second language, people don't have the same level, some people speak English fluently, others are only capable of basic conversations...

It's up to you now to tell us about your country, tell us if English is spoken in your country, talk a little bit about the English level there... I'm waiting for your comments.

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  1. hi,am live in norway the english it's second language,even maybe in the same level.

  2. Ok dear
    In the beginning I should thank you for all benefit article, and again we waiting your new e-book =)

    about me...I'm from Saudi Arabia
    yea english is spoken here, especially at hospitals, collages, resturants and malls.

    I belive that, english is very important in our time, of curse that it is international language.

    May god help to speak it fluently.
    I know that needs my effort and patience..
    but also need good planning =)

    so I'm optimistic I'm going to benefit from your blog...

    thanks for all.......

  3. I live in indonesian, in my country english use as foreign language. As I know bahasa indonesia is the first use and the second was regional language. Maybe english use as third language generaly.

  4. I am algerian in my country english is not spoken too much, people here speak arabic an french, but some of them know the important of english and they are trying to improve their english , like me

  5. Well, I'm from Saudi Arabia . .
    English language is spoken here everywhere, but whom speak English here are not Saudi !
    most of them are Filipinos, Indians, or American !
    many of Saudi people are facing struggles and problem to understand and mastered English . . and many others don't believe in English language and don't think to learn it, even the alphabet . .
    and few of them mastered it but don't have good pronunciation . .
    and the last group whom are love it and believe in it and doing the best to mastered it . .

    In fact most of them just learn it to take a job, not much !

    it's a long story here with English . .