I always value my readers, that's why I write some posts answering their questions very often, this post is one of them.

Another anonymous reader was reading the article at Speak English online, and finally he commented saying:

"oh this article is very good .I have a probleme in English ; I can't understand it fastly and I have a lot of mistakes in my English vocabulary .I realy whant to learn it but I don't know how!!!"

I think our reader is an English student who tried a lot of methods but he still doesn't speak English, that's why he said: "I don't know how"

To understand fast conversations in English, you should practice listening very often, don't try to understand everything the first time.

Listen to the same conversation many times, you should repeat in order to learn the speech intonation in English, you can also improve your English pronunciation

If you make a lot of mistakes, don't worry because the number of mistakes you do will be smaller with time (practicing of course).

If you're talking about spelling mistakes, I advice you to take some time each day to read in English, and I recommend simple English reading

If you want to have a huge vocabulary without listening and reading, it's impossible.
The method of memorizing word lists is a failure, I recommend that you read 7 Steps to English vocabulary

I recommend that you download the fastest English ebook to know more about learning English and English grammar, I also recommend that you subscribe to this blog to get the latest updates, you can also subscribe by Email.

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  1. I downloaded the Fastest English eBook but i can't open it. :(

  2. The Pdf file is 100% working, many English students downloaded it and they all say thanks.

    You may have a problem with your reader, try to update your reader. I recommend that you use "adobe" with the last version.

  3. I have myself faced this problem earlier and I can understand how difficult it is to overcome. But all thanks to you Sir, I have now improved a lot.