This post is also about English vocabulary. How many times did you try to talk to a native English speaker and your problem was that you couldn't find the right word?

Maybe you haven't thought about it yet, but today I want you to think about it.

If you think that you are alone, I'm sure that many other students had the same problem. (you can post your comments below)

Finding the right word is a common problem English students have. Even if you know the word, in a real conversation it's a little bit difficult to remember it, right?

You learned English vocabulary, you have a huge word lists in your brain, but when it's a real conversation in English, you forget everything.

The main reason for this problem is because you didn't get these words deep into your brain. The words do exist in your brain, but they are not deep!!

I have a good news for you and a bad one!
The good one is that this problem has a solution, always when you need to get something deep into your brain you should repeat it many times. So, repetition can solve your problem.

The bad one is that repetition is generally so boring, that's why a lot of English students always skip it.

This one is not so bad because there are many solutions, you can turn your English learning into a game or you can find a partner to learn English with.

You can also come regularly to my blog, read these amazing articles and finally you can comment and read other's comments.

What are you waiting for? start right now, post your comments and I'm ready to read them!!!

Good luck to everybody.

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  1. It's my problem too ,
    I actually forget all the words that I've memorized and used with my family and relatives ! =(
    and I've not ever talk to a native speaker .. just in restaurants and shops .. they are all learners have mastered English language ! ..
    Keep on bro .. I like your posts

  2. yeah...remember the right word it's common problem
    many of english students have it..

    but you are right.. repetition is the best way to get the word deep into the brain..

    no boring with your article teacher :)
    keep it up

  3. Hello,
    Please body, I'd really like that you give me a web-site where it's easy to find someone to get with him in a real conversation in English, to try my english ability, if it's possible...

  4. Didn't you see my cool article "Speak English community" ?

    You can check it out right now, just go here.

  5. When I heard a word and I want to save it in my deep brain , I repeat it many tims and it works .. It is true that was boring but a good way for keeping words in your mind.

    Thanx a lot and sorry for my English.

  6. thank you verey much really repetition is the beat one

  7. I dont have anybody to speak english with at home. however, I do speak english at school. I am still not speak english fluently and confidently. sometime it is hard for me to express myself. I have been United States for six years but sill not good at speak English. what do recommand me to improve my english? is there any way can I succed my speak skill if so please reply to me. I appreatiate your consideration.

  8. Well, I use to have that problem, but not anymore. the best way to achieve this is by praticing a lot and learning as many words as possible.

  9. I also agree that finding the right word is a problem faced by many people. But yes, practice makes you perfect. So keep practicing.

  10. thanks for this helpful subject me also suffering from this problem , i cant find suitable word in a conversation and i can understand what people say and my brain is full of English words , and i fell little bit shy of using big words in front of people may be i pronounce it wrong, so all I want is to SPEAK ENGLISH FLUENTLY
    note: I speak very good to my family in English

  11. hello
    Thank you very much with this post.i also have the same problem of not being able to find the right words especialy in a conversation and when adrresing a group of people. But when i talk in my heart al the words come to my memory.

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    i am very thanks to you. for your article, for your motivation. and everything on your blog.
    do you know.. before i don't have motivation for learn english, but now i have new big spirit, cause i wanna work at multinational company like as windows, apple or oil gas company like chevron,total,schlumberger, halliburton exxon and many other.

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  13. Hi, its nice to read your posts. I have that problem too - searching for the right words when I am in the middle of a serious discussion with my friends. Thanks for your tips.