In one of my articles titled Ways to English, I've told you that in blog I talk about different topics: English grammar, English tips, speaking, vocabulary, idioms, tools... and one of these sections is "English bonus".

In the English bonus section, we don't learn "English tips" but we practice some English reading, we talk about some places in the world, some other topics (in English of course) to help you to practice English reading.

Today's article is an English bonus article, (no English tips) and our topic is "konigssee Lake".

A lake is a body of (usually fresh) water surrounded by land, the konigssee lake is situated in  Southernmost Bavaria in Germany. It is a good spot for vacation and having fun!

If you've never seen the konigssee lake, here is a picture ready for you:

Lake Konigssee speak English

You can see the mountains (there are many). It's a little bit foggy there you can see it in the picture.

A lot of tourists come to Bavaria only to see this lake, it's a touristic zone. You can also see the main harbour here:

Konigssee main harbour speak English

People often walk around the lake, do some picnics and have fun. They try to explore the lake walking, some of them use the boat to explore the lake even more:


In winter, it is very cold in the konigssee lake, it's a little bit icy too, but visitors don't stop coming to see the lake and have fun, they don't want to miss this cool place.

If you travel to Germany one day, don't forget to go to Bavaria and don't miss the Konigssee lake!

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  1. Hi, this is my first visit to this blog, what a lovely article! Thank you for the information on this beautiful lake.
    Since your blog seems to be directed towards learning/teaching English, I hope you don't mind a friendly correction :)
    "If you've never saw the konigssee lake, here is a picture ready for you:"
    it's "if you've never *seen*" :)
    Best of luck!