In this article, we are not going to learn English, I'm just going to describe for you what will you find in this blog the next times you'll visit it. Believe me, this work is only to help you improving you English. So take about five minutes to read this article to know what are you learning and to don't get LOST next time.

The last time, I added a section named "English Grammar", you will find there grammar lessons about everything related to English grammar like the past tense...etc

The section English Grammar is not for every English student, It's only for a specific kind of students, if you want to know if it's good for you or now you can read this article: English Grammar.

Notice that I used the level at the beginning of the article (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
Articles for beginners are a little bit long in order to explain the same idea many times, I use simple vocabulary. Articles for Advanced Students are Shorter, I use words that are a little bit difficult.

We continue to talk about general tips on how to learn English, how to improve your English...etc you'll find it at the section named English tips.

In the English bonus section you will find texts in English, they are not about English grammar or about English learning, they are only there for reading in English to improve your spelling and vocabulary.

There are many other sections that I won't describe here, like English books where you can find a new English book each one or two months...etc you can view all the sections if you want.

So, read only the articles that you find interesting for you, study grammar if you've read this article English Grammar and you believe that English grammar is good for you.

See you next time for a new English article, I hope you will speak English like a native speaker.

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  1. it sounds interesting, I like this

  2. I also find it very interesting, I will come back everyday, thank you BN. John

  3. i have lots of English problem when i speak to another persons, but i can get the meaning whatever they saying,so i considered myself this is the biggest problem things for me.