In order to speak English fluently, you should have a huge vocabulary in your brain, you should use grammar correctly and you should speak English "without thinking".

If you understand this idea, you will ask yourself: how can I improve my English Grammar? How can I improve my English vocabulary?

When of my readers E-mailed me today and said: "i want speak english i like it but i have some problemes like grammer and vocabulary help me please".

Now, I'm writing this post to answer his question.

In his question he said: "I like it" so that's a good point, you know: if you like something and you want it, you can do it!!

This point is always forgotten, but it's very important. It is called: "psychology"
You know, psychology is very important, if you think that you can do something and you're always positive, I think you will do it.

Our reader has done many spelling mistakes, it's nothing, just keep studying English, one day you will use English without spelling mistakes. You spelling will improve a little bit everyday.

To speak English fluently, it's not necessary that you study grammar. You can speak English fluently even without studying grammar and of course you'll speak English with correct grammar! you can see this article to learn more: English Grammar

To speak English easily, it's not necessary that you remember word list. You can speak English easily even without memorizing word lists. you can know more at 7 steps to English vocabulary

You also need to improve your spelling, you can this article to improve both your spelling and your vocabulary: simple English reading

These articles help you to improve your English speaking, if you follow them correctly you will finally speak English automatically, you will speak English fluently and without thinking!!

Many students think that learning English can only be done with studying English grammar and memorizing vocabulary, then they start to learn grammar and to memorize word lists and they forget their first goal which is "to speak English fluently"

Finally, always remember that learning any language sometimes becomes a little bit boring, that's why you need to be patient and never give up!

Good luck to you and good luck to all my readers!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post with us. It is really a great piece of information. It is very useful, if understood correctly.

  2. thanks i've been reading your blog for a few hours now...and i realize now that i was doing everything wrong....i'd already felt that studying grammar wasn't being very helpful..thanks again and keep up the good work

  3. now i am realize that English grammar is not compulsory to speak English fluently . we should be try to speak English. now i can do everything. and we should be always on positive mind. then we can do anything. i am right gays . thanks for sharing your valuable views for us.