In today's article we're going to talk about our next Ebook. As you may know, we have already written our first ebook titled "the fastest English ebook". It's a good book where you can know the best methods to learn English.

The fastest English ebook was a success, many English students downloaded it and they all found it very helpful. If you're new here, you may not know about the fastest English ebook, you can take a look and download it for "free" at: download fastest English ebook , you can also put your comments there.

Now, we are going to start our next ebook to help you to improve your English, what we ask you to do is to post your comments telling us the problems you face when you learn English and we'll try to solve them and to add them to our next ebook.

Helping us with your comments means helping yourself to solve your own problems with English, which means: if you don't post comments you won't find the answer to your problem in the ebook.

So, you should try to post your comment right now, and we'll choose the best comments and we'll add them to the ebook, maybe we'll add the name of the comment writer to the ebook too.

If you have some problems with your English, share them right now in the comment section. I hope we'll help you.

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  1. Hi Mr Bn John, your ebooks are very good, I enjoy them, I want to get more, especially about tips on children and listening , I like them, I hope to get your next Fastest English Ebook,

    Thanks a lot,

  2. The main problem is when speaking, written English is very easy!!

  3. thank you very much but I have aquestion for you

    you said to us that" we should not learn grammers" but what can we do with placement test
    in the cllege ,we must learn grammer to pass it .
    will you please answer this question .
    thanks for all your efforts

  4. I said: "you shouldn't STUDY grammar" not "LEARN"

    Of course you need to use English grammar correctly, but I don't like the idea of "studying English grammar"

    You will find more details in the next Ebook, I recommend that you subscribe by Email to this blog to know when the Ebook is ready