Better at English is a name of a blog, I told you in the previous article:
English listening stuff that you should listen to real English material, not textbook recorded MP3 files!

I also told you that there are a lot of blogs and websites who offer you free and great English tools, and also English MP3 files.

One of these URL's is: Better at English, It's a good blog where you can find English MP3 files with their transcript. It's really a great blog, but it's not the only one!

Now, I'll tell you how to use this blog.
First, go to the blog at:  Better at English

Once you get there, choose the title of the conversation you want to download. You can choose from the new conversations, and you can also choose from the archives.

When you choose the text, look for this:
Then, click on the MP3 sign to download the audio of the conversation, click one the PDF to download the transcript of the English conversation.

After that, you will have the two files on your computer.

First, listen to the file without reading the transcript (do it two or three times)
After that, read the transcript without listening to the English conversation. (One time is enough if you read it paying attention)
Listen and read at the time, (do it few times)
Now, you should put away the transcript of the English conversation, start to use only the audio file. (of course if you don't understand something you can use the transcript and the dictionary)

Listen as many as you can to the English conversation, even if you find it very easy, go one listening!
Listen to the same English conversation about one week (maybe more, that depends on your level)

This will help you to get the new vocabulary deeper into your brain, this will help you with the pronunciation and so many things!!

If you do all what I've told you to do, I'm sure that you will speak English easily, you will speak English fluently, without thinking, without translating, and you will finally understand native speakers and maybe you will SPEAK like native speakers. And don't forget to have fun!

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  1. great blog Bnjohn
    Umm ok, what about me.. If my level is the 4th, how many times should I listen to the audios ?
    wish you the best =$ .. carry on

  2. Oxy, I think you're the best of my students.

    I think you should try yourself up to the point you feel "comfortable".

    BetterAtEnglish has cool podcasts right? I know there are many more but I can't list them all here, thanks again Oxy!

  3. Hello ,
    im a new here, i would like to thank you for this nice webiste which contains valuable tips for everyone who wants to improve his\her english language.
    i wish i do my best in learning englsih in this wondeful website .

    thank you again.
    regards .