English vocabulary is huge, nobody can know it all, even native speakers!

So, never be upset when you don't understand the meaning of a word, because you probably know hundreds of other words.

Yes, never be upset when you don't understand a word, but sometimes it worth it!!

If you studied English for more than three months and you don't understand the meaning of one of the basic words, it's really something bad!!!

Many English students know tens of so complicated words and business words that we almost never use, and they fail to understand a simple and basic word. Why?

The main problem is because they didn't go step by step. Do you know what is step by step?

Step by step means that they should know simple words first, when they get familiar with them, they should try to learn more complicated vocabulary up to the point they learn a big number of new English words. That's what we call "build English vocabulary".

For those who really want to master English, I recommend that they do a plan.
Each they, you should improve a little bit. You should learn more vocabulary everyday, you should improve your pronunciation and your listening skills everyday!

And for a specific category of English learners, they can also study grammar everyday.

If you don't know how to improve vocabulary, you can learn it right now just reading my recommended article: 7 Steps to English vocabulary and don't forget to do some simple reading everyday.

I also recommend that you read only what you love!!

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  1. yeah great ! .. I loved that
    and in fact it's my problem

    I'm following you step by step

  2. I am really thankful for the wonderful posts that you make. Thanks BnJohn.