To speak English easily, the first thing you should know is the right method. After knowing the right method, you can act using different techniques, different English material and of course you should know how to use the time.

I've always said that the key to English speaking, or to spoken English is "Listening". Without listening to English, I don't think that you'll go far!

I was reading one of my old articles at 10 tips to improve your English pronunciation, and all of the sudden I saw a strange comment written by an Anonymous reader. He said: "i don't have thing for listening?". He wanted to say that he didn't find things to listen to!!

I didn't thing that one day I would read such a thing on my blog! that's why I love comments. I can't know exactly what English students are looking for. If it's also your case, you're welcome to read this!

The first thing you should know is which material should you choose, which MP3 files you should download in order to improve your English, in order to speak English easily!

Well, you should look for real English conversations, where you hear a lot of slangs, idioms, filler words and common expressions.  Never download English MP3's where conversations are based on textbooks, you don't know what I'm talking about?

Some English teachers look for a written text, they record the conversation in the text and after that they sell the MP3 files, such files are useless!! you can't improve your English if you use them.

Even If you learn English vocabulary when you use them, it still not useful because you won't learn how native speakers speak English!d

Usually, you don't need to buy anything to learn English (remember: free English tools are better!) because there are a lot of real English conversations on the Internet waiting for you!

You can do a Google search, accept only "real English conversations" not textbook recorded conversations!

If you can't search, I can search for you: go to Better At English and you'll find a huge number of MP3 files and not only this, you will also find the transcript of each MP3 file!!

Better At English has some English listening stuff, it is useful for every English learner. However, you should know how to use it to improve your English even more. You can learn how to use Better At English at Better At English

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