Are you getting bored when learning English? You can't study English no more?
You're normal, don't worry because there is nothing wrong with you!

All human beings get bored when they repeat doing the same thing, you should change your habits a little bit, you have to take some holidays!

It's a given that you should take holidays when getting bored, but where should you go? where do you have to spend your holidays?

As an English learner, my advice for you is to go to a place where English is spoken so you will practice English even when spending your holidays.

If you have money, you can spend your holidays at the United States. You find a great hotel in the United states (almost all hotels are great in the United States).

Look to this hotel for example:

Paris Las Vegas Hotel

This is one of the best hotels in the United States, it is located on the famed Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada, USA.

Even Americans come to this hotel to spend their holidays, if you have enough money you can try to spend some time here, it is called Paris Las Vegas Hotel.

For me, I like nature rather than the city (the city is a little bit boring and noisy) I love hiking!

If this is your case, you like hiking, there are many places available in the United States, look to this one:

Hike at California Woods Nature Preserve

It is situated in California, It's a great spot too! I love it so much.
If you want to spend your English holidays, there are a lot of cool places, hotels, swimming pools, woods... You should try some in order to have more energy for your English learning.

If you have more suggestions about holidays, I'm ready to read your comments.

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  1. Thank you for this post, It's really great.

  2. I love travelling especially in summer!

  3. i lke hiking but i don't have much money to go to US :D

  4. Wonderful.. thanks for advise

  5. awwww
    I like the second one .. It's great !
    I love nature too, I have never been to the United states, or even out of Saudi Arabia =$
    But I'll as soon as possible If Allah wills ..

    Thank you Sir , That was wonderful

  6. Great post, but I'm running out of money!!!

  7. Holidays are very important for those who want to get they brain out of working sometimes!!!

    But the problem is always money, generally they are very expensive!!!

  8. Could anyone suggest some less expensive location but great for learning English?