In order to improve your English very fast, you can choose a topic that you enjoy a lot, and read about it in English, for example there are many students who like cars, so what should they do? well, they should find easy articles in English  and they start to read them, they will improve their English at the same time they are enjoying cars and car news....

The only problem they can have, is maybe that they'll find some articles a little bit difficult, that's why I recommend Simple English reading where they understand 90% of the global reading.

This method helps a lot to improve your English vocabulary, for example you will have a huge vocabulary about cars if you're interested in cars. I also recommend images to help you even more, they help you to understand a lot of things you can't understand using dictionaries,  (Actually, there are many dictionaries with images nowadays)

well, it's only a short article today. I recommend that you read my article about Simple English Reading.

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  1. it's a great idea to read about what we love,

    actually I love cars too (you find it)

    thank you for this cool blog!!

  2. If you love cars, you can watch many great and beautiful cars here: http://beautiful-car.blogspot.com

  3. I totally agree. I have practiced this for long. I love reading about latest happenings. This keeps me updated as well as this has improved my skills in English as well.