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I told you that there are some tools online to talk with other English students,
this is the time to show you how to do it, but before this:

Advantages of speaking English online

Generally, English learning is boring, most students feel that, especially when
you are alone just reading some English textbooks...

When you talk with other English students you will feel that you belong to a community
sharing the same feeling as you, they are all learning English like you, they all have
the same problem as you.

If you don't have a lot of friends, or you have a limitted number of friends to talk
English with, online you can speak English with a huge number of English students.

Speaking English online will get you in a pick emotional state, so you will never quit

How to speak English online

To speak English online is very simple:
just go to Kantalk and all you have to do is to register for free
after that you will get a username and a password that you set. Whenever you want to speak English
you go there and you see if there are some English students online waiting for you, ready to speak English
but you should have the software SKYPE installed in your computer so as to speak English online with other
students. So easy, right?

So, now you can try your English, you can speak with other Englsih students. See if you can understand them,
if they can understand you, you will know a little bit about your English level, So important!

If I find some time I can give you my skype identity and I will teach you English via skype (If I find time)
I'm here just to help you to speak English, all you have to do is to follow my advices and read my tips and
still waiting for the success, never stop!

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Oxy said...

thinking to try it
seems really helpful
thanks for sharing
wish you the best

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this idea.

Anonymous said...

nice one.. but why didnt u mention about the tongue slips...

barachufin dhufe said...


bigforpower said...

Sometimes i don't know say what :(

Anonymous said...

I think this would really help me to improve my english speaking skill. Thank you and Godbless!!

Anonymous said...

my english is very poor.. and i m trying now.. so please help me..


Anonymous said...

Ok let me have your username so that I will learn directly from you

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