In today’s article, I’m going to talk about the importance of holidays in our life.
First, holiday has several meanings:
It can mean party and festival.
And it can also mean vacation.
Both are important, especially for workers and students. You are a student, you need holidays, because you are tired!
Holidays usually come after work, that’s the time they are more important. Because as you know, after work you are very tired, you don’t need to work anymore, so what do you need? You need holidays!
This is just a short article this time, that’s it. We talked a little bit about holidays.
See you later!
One more thing, I need your comments for this article, I need you to talk about your holidays, which holidays do you like? What’s your favorite one?
You can also read English holidays, It's a very good article if you are getting bored with your English learning. 

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  1. John, you've said it all. Let me add one thing about holiday. New year and Easter are my favorite holidays, and they really brings much joy to my life, because all my siblings come to our parents house and stay for 3 days. During their stay, everybody have to come up with questions or games that are challenging so that each of the family members participate. Who ever got the hire score, he/she will be awarded a prize. It's really fun!

    Seleshi Yehun

  2. oh it's really great!
    it's true that holidays are the best! I hate work time

  3. Check the update, It's very good if you're getting bored.