The key to success for most fields of life is to keep trying, so if you want to speak English like an American you should keep trying until your last breath!
Never stop, go on learning, and go on listening, it’s the key to your success!
Students who use successful methods and fail are two kinds:
They are negative people; they are always looking for the problems, not the solutions
Or they didn’t keep trying; they stopped at the half of their adventure!
In fact, learning English is an adventure, be positive to speak English, focus on the solutions, not the problems.
Whenever you have a problem, think about its solution, don’t think about the problem itself!
That is the key to English speaking.
Positive people always succeed, but negative people always fail! That’s easy enough to know which kind of people you should be!
Be positive! Be positive!
Even if there is no problem, negative people try to look for it! They are crazy and stupid, they never learn to speak English.
Speaking English is easy but only if you are ready for it, ready to find a solution, ready to spend an adventure. That’s it!
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  1. I'm positive, I'm positive
    I like that ! .. I actually surrounded by negative people, they are all hate English or keep saying we can't learn English, it's so difficult !!
    And I'm trying to avoid my self that negative feeling !
    Thanks Mr.John ..