New people, who want to learn to speak English, always think about their accent, they would like to choose an accent but they don’t know which one.
The accent is the last thing you should worry about, it’s less important, at first you should begin to worry about speaking, not about you accent.
Once your level of English improves, and you can understand native speakers, and they can understand you, you can think about an accent to choose.
At first you should just have a clear accent, but later if you want to improve you speaking skills, think about your accent.
To help you there is a book about accent which is the my favorite, it is called “American accent training”
“American accent training” is a book with 5 CD, it can help you to have an American accent.
If you would like to have “American accent training”, just enter in google: “American accent training” with the quotations and you’ll find it.
“American accent training” is known as the best book that helps you sound American.
“American accent training” focuses especially on the intonation, not on individual words and that’s what makes it powerful.
I recommend “American accent training” for you because I’ve already recommended it to more than one of my students and their accent improved.
There is only one inconvenient, “American accent training” is boring; you should finish it as soon as possible, and once you finish it repeat it from the beginning. Repeat reading “American accent training” as much as you can to improve more and more.
“American accent training” is good for you for speaking, but when you listen you should listen to only one accent at the beginning or even one person, and once you become comfortable you can listen to different accents in order to know as many accents as possible.
If you have any problem with American accent training contact me: bnjohnbn@gmail.com
Even if you have a problem with the price!
See you next time!

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