In the previous article, I talked about learning vocabulary without trying to memorize it. In this article, we are going to explain more this idea.
Now, failing methods are known, because students have tried them, which is not know is the successful method, only few students know it.
While there are a lot of failing methods, there is only ONE successful method, if you try to modify it, it becomes less successful, so let’s talk about it now:
Students who write a list full of new words, and try to memorize every word, are doing nothing!
Actually, even if they could remember all of the words, they couldn’t use them is a real conversation. When they take a writing test, maybe it’s true to answer correctly, but in a real conversation, you don’t have time to think about your list. That’s the difference between written English and spoken English.
So, what should you do to use new vocabulary in a real conversation?
The question is not what to do to use them, but rather: how do you do to learn them correctly?
If you would like to learn vocabulary and to use it in a real conversation, you should notice that the word “DEEP” is the answer!
You should learn vocabulary deeply say that you learned it, it’s not enough to hear or to see a word just one time and then try to memorize it. To learn it deeply you should at least hear the word or read it 30 times or 50 times or even 100 times or more!!! That’s deep learning.
If you find one word in more than 5 phrases, and to repeat those phrases for 100 times, it’s a given that you will learn this word deeply into your brain, you will never forget it!
How can you learn deeply?
Easy! I’m gonna give you some suggestions:
- You should have a lot of repetitions
- If you’re reading, read the same paragraph 50 times or more
- If you’re listening, listen more than 50 times
The best way to learn deeply is to listen to the same person, or to read from the same person, because each person has their own favorite vocabulary, and they use it everyday!
For example, read my articles and you will notice that I only use few words not more than 500 or 1000 and I repeat them always.
Another thing is to read novels, because novels are long, and you will find words more than one time!
Keep reading my articles they are very important, see you next time with a new idea!

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  1. That's wonderful bro ..

    Thanks alot for sharing ..
    waiting for your great ideas

  2. Hello BN John,

    Thank you for the great suggestions.

    I tried many methods to memorize words but nothing worked, well I have nothing to lose to try this method but it needs a lot of time to see if it really works.

  3. Thanks for sharing this piece of information. It is really useful.

  4. thank a lot for your article..
    hope you can write everytime.. :D