Like everyone else in the world, Americans use a variety of idioms daily.
As mentioned in the previous article, idioms are groups of words where if you look to each single word you will understand nothing.
To speak English better, you should learn idioms because they are very important in English speaking.
While there are millions of American idioms, just hundreds of them are used daily.
So, you need to be more familiar with these hundreds, and all is going to be fine.
English speaking is full of idioms; you need more repetition to learn a lot of them.
If you learn many idioms, you will be powerful, everyone will appreciate you speaking, everyone wants to listen you and you’ll become popular!
Idioms are never taught in English schools, that’s one of ht raisons schools are terrible!
You can’t find English idioms in English schools; you can only find them using real materials like TV…
To help you, I will teach you many idioms through the next articles, and remember: “be patient”
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