My name is B.N. John, I have always liked to help people, that’s why I became a teacher.
The idea to become a teacher has always turned in my head, since I went to school for the first time when I was a child, I saw my teacher helping us to understand, and I thought why can’t I help students too, so I started to help my friends.
And I have always dreamt to be a teacher in the future, but I didn’t know what did I have to teach, and than I began to think about it, and finally I saw that I am very powerful in English and than I realized that I could be a teacher of English.

So, I continued my studies at the university up the point I passed an exam, and I did very well, so I became a teacher.

Then I started to think deeper, trying to find a solution because I still like to help people but I wanted to help them using another method.

After that I realized that English that I taught is different than the English used by Americans, by native speaker in the real time!

In fact teachers were doing nothing, and they are still doing nothing nowadays, and then I conserved my whole time to look for useful, and I found out that teaching foreigners is a good thing to do.

Teaching foreigner is a good thing but the method used in schools was boring because they teach foreigners the way they teach native speakers, and it’s not the same case.

I found the difference between foreigners and native speakers:
When native speakers go to school for the first time they already speak English, but foreigners are completely different, they don’t know any English. So, native speakers start to learn English when they are children.

Then I said that it would be a good idea to make foreigners like a child of 6 years before starting to teach them like schools do!

Then I started to look for the methods a child do to learn to speak English, and it was not boring anymore, I found out that it was interesting.

Then I said:"most of our students are not succeeding and we are making ourselves so tired to teach them, but there is no result, why don’t we change our method?”

So, I decided to be independent, and I opened my first website, where I started to teach students English by a good method, focusing on “learning like a child”

At first, I thought that Internet is not a good way to make students succeed, but after a few months I started to receive E-mails from some students.

And then I began to work harder and harder to improve my method up to the point my method became one of the best methods in the world. But I didn’t stop to improve my method; even now I’m still looking for new stuff to improve it.

Having a lot of students who succeeded using my method, I believe that my method is powerful and it's a successful method!

Then I decided to create this blog and I contacted my best members telling them about this blog!
I hope there will be no problems this time so enjoy learning and enjoy English!
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