Today, I’m going to talk about one of the best methods to learn to speak English in a fast way, I’m gonna talk about reading and listening in the same time.
Students always think that complicated, boring and difficult methods are the best to learn English, the always think that they must suffer to learn, they always say: “no pain, no gain”.
This has no meaning and has no relation with learning English or any other language!
In fact, easy methods are the best and that’s our topic today:
The research shows that when the student learns with easy methods and is having fun, he will learn 5 times faster than when he is getting bored and using hard methods!
Students always want to take tests, but in fact tests are one of the reasons they can’t speak.
When you are listening to English, always listen to understandable and easy English, it’s useless to listen to hard English when you can’t understand more than 90%.
Yes, you should understand more than 90% of what you are listening to, or it’s useless.
Also, when you listen you should read as you listen, it’s very powerful, and I’m going to illustrate this point:
I said that tests are horrible, and when a student is listening to difficult English without reading, he is talking tests because he tries to understand everything, but he can only understand less than 90% or even less!
When he find a word he can’t understand, he won’t be able to hear it correctly, he won’t know if It’s one word or two words or even more, he won’t be able to memorize it, that’s why he needs the spelling!
And also, if he doesn’t understand more than 10%, and even if he can hear the words correctly, he won’t be able to memorize more than 10% it’s a lot. And even if he memorizes them, he will forget them quickly!
That’s why I encourage my students to listen to easy English where they can understand more than 90% and read at the same time, even if it’s too easy.
By listening and reading the new words (10%), you will be able to memorize them easily and in a powerful way.
Because to memorize something, you need to act with it the maximum: for example, if you find a new word, you must hear it, see it, feel it, speak it, but never think about it or try to memorize it; all is gonna be done intuitively.
How can I have a lot of vocabulary without trying to memorize words?? I would like to speak, so I need more vocabulary! What should I do??
That’s our topic in the next article. Bye bye!

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  1. I am not sure if I tried reading while listening but I will. It worths to try.

  2. I must thank you for this. Thanks for sharing this piece of information. It is really useful.