English accent isn't the most important thing, but you should have a good one if you want to get a job.

If you'd like to get a job in the united states, make sure that you have a good accent in English because the first thing they see is your "English accent".

You don't need to have an American Accent or British English Accent, but all you have to do is to speak English correctly so native speakers can understand you.

If you believe that your level in English is quite good and the only remaining thing is Accent, these tips can help you:

How to speak English correctly?

- to speak English correctly, the rule number one is to train yourself to have a good accent, this can't be done overnight, of course it will take some time. Always try to speak English. When you watch movies try to imitate the actors.

-At first, don't try to speak English quickly, you should slow down with your English speaking because you haven't learn the correct intonation yet.

-When you read in English, try to read loudly. You should at least hear your voice when you speak English.

-try to record your voice when you speak English, this will help you to identify your mistakes when you compare you speaking to a native English speaker.

-The time is very important, you should be patient because to change your English accent won't happen overnight!

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  1. Great post. I use similar methods to master my English

  2. I think they are good tips to have a good accent, I find them great!

  3. Finding them great is not enough, you should take your time and to apply them.

  4. Thanks for sharing this piece of information. It is really useful.