English schools are not the right place to learn to speak English. Until now, A lot of students don't know this idea. Even if they are seeing that they are not improving, they continue to go to English schools. They all have the idea that learning English can only be done at schools.

That's a wrong information! If you believe it, I think you will never speak English!!

Nowadays, Learning English is very easy, you can do it even if you are at home, you can learn to speak English by studying whenever you want!

Sitting at home, having an Internet connexion, you can learn to speak English! That's what is called: "learning English online"

English translator:
The first thing you should have is an "English translator", so where can you find an English translator?
Fortunately, there is Google tranlate !! It's very simple and very powerful. look to this picture:

Google Translate is very simple to use, just enter a word or enter your text that you want to translate, whether if you want to translate from English to your language or to translate from your language to English, Google translate will do this for you.

An English translator is a "must have" tool if you want to improve your English but it's not the only tool you need  to learn English online!

Next time I will tell you when to use Google Translate or any other English translator. I will also tell you how to talk online with other English students like you . Wait for it tomorrow or after tomorrow, but for know I'm waiting for your comments.

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  1. Google Translate? I didn't know it exists!!!

    thanks a lot Bnjohn!

  2. Google Translate is free but very powerful!

  3. Hey, I think you are right about this issue. :) But, I think there's some grammar problem with the sentence "They all have the idea of learning English can only be done at schools.". I think the correct sentence should be "They all have the idea THAT learning English can only be done at schools."
    I am a language learner, please correct me if I am wrong :))

  4. of course you are right! I write too fast, so it should be a typing problem.

    thank you for your great observation!

  5. Yes, everybody do some spelling mistakes when typing fast,

    I'm also one of'em

  6. It's totally true, Google translate is really a should have material!!

  7. Nice post thank you

  8. A translator is very important, google translate is a good online tool, thank you

  9. always need to translate when it's difficult !!!