What’s up?

Maybe you didn’t understand what are we gonna talk about today, because the title is not really good, but we are talking about the idiom “go on”

So, go on listening to English to improve your speaking skills!

It means, if you want to improve you English speaking, continue to listen to English!

Go on=continue

To speak English, you must learn idioms.

So, our idiom for today is short and very easy too,

Go on reading from me, and you will improve faster!

See you later!

B.N. JOHN (bnjohnbn@gmail.com)


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  1. yeah that totally right !
    I love listening from EnglishPOD and British Council podcasts .. They are really funny and I enjoy when I listen to them ..

    Carry on Sir .. I like reading from you

  2. I also like podcasts, they are really great!!

    like Bn John said: "free material is best"