Hi, today we are gonna talk about one of the differences between written English and spoken English.

When we use the future, in written English we use will and going to.

Example: Alan will go to the school, he is going to meet his friends.

But in spoken English, we say: Alan’ll go to school, he’s gonna meet his friends.

This difference is usually ignored by students who have never learned English with the rights method, they thing that written English and spoken English are the same, but they are completely different and those students are completely wrong!

Another difference is the use of em instead of them.

Example: he talked with them à he talked with’em

When students hear this phrase, they usually don’t understand it, that’s really strange!

That’s why I advice you to learn spoken English and then go to the written English as our children.

So that’s it, see you later!

B.N. JOHN (bnjohnbn@gmail.com)


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